The ultimate winter experience: discover our most unusual activities in Megève!

Winter in Megève is about much more than skiing and snowboarding. If you're looking for a unique and memorable winter getaway, we've put together a selection of our most surprising activities.

Ballooning over the Alps

Imagine yourself soaring over the pristine Alpine peaks, while enjoying a glass of champagne. Hot-air balloon trips in Megève offer a breathtaking view of the winter landscape, an experience that will engrave an unforgettable memory in your mind.

Dog sledding

For an immersive experience of winter splendor, nothing beats a dogsled ride. Guided by an experienced musher, you'll glide through fir forests and snow-covered meadows, the only sound being the gentle crunch of the dogs' paws on the snow.
Gourmet dinner in an igloo
Imagine a memorable evening, dining in an igloo? After a snowshoe walk under the twilight glow, you'll arrive at an igloo where a talented chef will concoct a gourmet feast, which you'll enjoy comfortably on animal skins. A unique culinary adventure not to be missed!

Ice driving

For thrill-seekers, Megève offers ice driving courses. On a specially-designed track, you'll learn to control your vehicle in winter conditions, while having fun at the same time.
Snowshoeing under the stars
If you're looking for a quieter, more serene activity, a night snowshoe hike is the ideal choice. Explore Megève's peaceful trails under a starry sky, listening to the snow crunch beneath your feet and savoring the winter silence. Add a touch of romance with an evening picnic complete with mulled wine.

Ski touring adventure

For those with a passion for the mountains and peace and quiet, ski touring, commonly known as "peau de phoque", offers an unrivalled experience. Equipped with the right skis, you'll ascend snow-covered slopes before enjoying a powdery descent. It's an extraordinary way to appreciate the rugged beauty of the mountains surrounding Megève.

All in all, winter in Megève offers an array of extraordinary experiences for all the senses. Whether you're keen on outdoor adventures, culinary explorations or creative activities, there's always a unique experience to be had in Megève.

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